Who the #$&% Is Jackson Pollock? – 2006

It’s not everyday that a film is made about long-haul truck drivers, forensic scientists and art connoisseurs. But the unusual mixture of these ingredients is precisely what makes director Harry Moses’ funky new documentary Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollock? a success. That, and the inimitable character of the film’s main subject, Teri Horton.

Surely, Horton is the key ingredient to Moses’ innovative recipe. She is tough, she is genuine, and she is profane. Her personality alone carries the story of this film. But what kind of story is it that emerges from the combination of such disparate parts? An odd one, to be sure. Several years ago, former truck driver Horton purchased an “ugly” painting from a thrift store for $5. She intended to give it to a friend as a joke. Her friend didn’t like it, so Horton shuffled it into a garage sale. That was when a local art teacher recognized the painting as a possible work by famed American artist Jackson Pollock.

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